The purpose of this site is to provide an avenue for producers and processors of legal marijuana to make their laboratory data available to the public, including: researchers, media outlets, and other interested parties. The point being that data about the chemical makeup of marijuana shows how brilliantly diverse the cannabis plant is and explains the complex variations in experience it provides. Such data hasn't been available until recently.

Confidence Analytics is now producing this data at a rapid rate. We collect information about the finished products as they are continuously produced in the marijuana marketplace. As a certified cannabis laboratory, we do this on contract with the marijuana manufacturers. Confidence Analytics makes this site a place where the data can be freely shared at the permission of the producers who submit the various samples.

Our dataset is a collection of samples, in which every sample represents a lot or batch of marijuana products. Each sample is described by its owner. The owner is the entity who delivered the sample to us, usually a licensed 502 marijuana producer/processor (PP). Among other descriptors, most samples are associated with a strain name, determined by the PP. Some of the strain designations correlate with the visual appearance and chemical makeup of the product. Others do not.

We analyze each sample using a variety of techniques at our chemical analytical laboratory. Each technique yields a collection of values associated with the sample. In this dataset, we include descriptive variables, photographs, and concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenoids.

The Homepage of this site provides a crude tool for browsing the dataset. You can search the samples by the official "product type" listed on their lab certificate. Or you can search by keyword such as producer name, strain name, or any other descriptor the PP has provided (#terpenes). Each sample is represented by its photograph, and clicking on a photograph will show the chemical fingerprint of that sample.

If you would like to browse the dataset using another tool that you fancy, we encourage you to. There is a lot of information contained in this dataset, and much we haven't discovered. An email to nick@conflabs.com with an introduction to your project can get you access to a data dump, including on a revolving basis as the dataset grows. The data dump will provide you with all of the data represented in this website, in and easy-to-use JSON format. We only ask that you give credit where it's due: mostly to the growers.

This is all made possible by the cannabis growers, extractors, and infused edibles kitchens. They are the manufacturers who produce these magnificently diverse products, and they volunteer their data to this dataset. Confidence Analytics does not release identifiable information without the consent of our customers, and not all of them choose to. The marijuana manufacturers who volunteer their test results to this site deserve praise for doing so, and their strongest reinforcer is when you buy their products!